03. How to deposit with Credit Card

I did that worked fine first time around
11 months agoSeptember 9, 2021
Now I go through the motions fill up the same data that should have been saved first time around, I ticked the box to save info and it didn't. Many times I have tried to make the deposit fill the questionnaire over and over and I press to pay and error message telling to retry. How many times do I have to retry?
It gives me no information as to why its giving error. Please, can you look into it as soon as you can, I feel I missing on an opportunity. 

11 months agoSeptember 25, 2021
I did that and it didn’t go in but says on my bank that it sent
11 months agoSeptember 27, 2021
Comment faire un dépôt
Pas Content
7 months agoJanuary 16, 2022
J'ai effectué deux depots sur mon compt stormgain. J'amais recus car l'adresse de reception n'est pas la mienne ! impossible de les joindre ou de faire quoi que ce soit !
7 months agoJanuary 24, 2022
hello! i made a deposit for BTC via Simplex, but but haven’t  received my deposit !!!
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